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Align With Your Highest Potential

Coaching and Services to Align Your Conscious and Nonconscious for New Outcomes

Ready to more fully awaken to who you are and live more wholly as your authentic self? By changing limiting beliefs and tapping into the power and wisdom of your nonconscious, you can improve your life and enhance the lives of those around you. You will more readily tap into previously unseen possibilities available to you and easily take action to move forward with your choices to live the life you truly desire.

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About Me

With innate curiosity and a unique ability to ask questions, I love assisting people to uncover and change limiting beliefs that are hindering their progress and ability to move projects, needs or desires forward in their lives. I also enjoy facilitating each unique BQH journey as each individual taps into their nonconscious to access their intrinsic wisdom and power, which can also be a catalyst for change and healing in their personal lives.

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